SidiArgan, expert in argan oil

Who are we?

SidiArgan is an enthusiastic and motivated company that is convinced and familiar with all the good properties of argan oil. This is because we grew up in Morocco in the region where argan oil comes from.

Our parents and ancestors have been informed for a long time about everything that has to do with argan oil and its proper functioning and has been producing the best quality argan oil for years.

This gives us the advantage that we have a great deal of knowledge about the quality and operation of argan oil and are closely involved in the production of our argan oil.

We regularly visit Morocco and the ground with argan trees that our parents own.

We also have good contact with the people who actually do the hard work to make the argan oil.

We notice that argan oil is becoming increasingly known in the Netherlands and more and more argan oil is being added to products that we use every day.

In our immediate environment, too, people are often asked whether we are familiar with argan oil. All this has made us enthusiastic to let us take the step to start a webshop and to import and sell argan oil.

We also regularly visit the bazaar in Beverwijk with our argan oil. On our facebook page we make the dates when we are here.

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We hope that our customers are just as enthusiastic about argan oil as we are.